Our company MAD BOX has been developing and manufacturing self-service dispensing equipment for 20 years. Our products are being used for dispensing both alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages without the need for service personnel.

Our products are unique due to being the only classified self-service equipment on the market that also has a payment system incorporated in its technology. In the case of dispensing of alcoholic beverages, we have also successfully included the age verification system, so there is no longer a need for an employee’s supervision.

Drinks can be drafted from barrels or tanks. The temperature of the beverage is regulated along the entire length of drafting system, ie, from the barrel / tank all the way to the tap.

Our self/service dispensing products are divided into two basic groups: single user and multi user.

Each device contains a tap and a cooling system. The information is displayed on the screen. The device can be placed on any flat surface or table. We also provide a possibility of having a table incorporated to our equipment, which is an optional accessory.

The basic difference between a single and multi user products is in the motorized tap, which the customers are able to control and make it rotate towards their position. The self/service table has 3 or 4 dispensing stations, each of which consists of a customer display and a button to “call” the tap. Each display is separate and shows the exact value of the credit that the customer can use up.